Hello, My name is Randy. I love Home Theater systems and I love movies. I have lived on both sides of a camera since I helped my father in his hobby darkroom.

I grew up with electronics

Our house had a Ham Shack in the basement. My father was an Electrical Engineer, Ham Radio operator and worked for a NASA contractor. My father (W9ZAF), my uncle (W8JAX, his brother) and my Aunt (W8DEF, my father’s brother’s wife) were all Hams. When I was young, my father helped me build a Tesla Coil, Heathkit Walky-talky the classic Heathkit stereo amplifier.

My father worked for a NASA contractor

My father only had two years of college, but he ended up putting something on the Moon. My father worked for AC Spark Plug in Flint, MI. He gradually advanced and was transferred to Milwaukee, WI. The company became AC Electronics and then AC Delco, which was a part of General Motors.

During the 1960’s GM landed some NASA contracts and my father worked on two of them. One was something about the Inertial Guidance System, which determined which way was “up” in space. The other was something on the Lunar Excursion Module (LEM, the “Dune Buggy” that’s still on the Moon). I say “something” because his work was classified and he couldn’t talk about the details.

As a teenager, I wasn’t very impressed by his work. I was more interested in the Tesla Coil and the stereo. Teenagers are not too impressed by what their parents do, but looking back, that was amazing! There were not many trips to the Moon and my father had a part in putting something up there!

How I learned Professional Photography

In school, I studied Graphic Design, Printing Technology at Linn-Benton Community College, in Albany, OR, Spiritual Psychology at New Mexico Theological Seminary (NMTS) in Santa Fe, NM, and UCSC in Santa Cruz.

I photographed one of the very first Apps for the Original Mac. It was called iCalendar and was made by a startup in Corvallis, OR. That was across the street from what is now Hewlett Packard.

I spent my professional career as a Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) by the Professional Photographers of America (PPA). I opened and operated Expressions Photography Studio and Gallery in Santa Fe, NM.

How I learned to build websites

I made my first website in 2003, I have worked on a Mac for decades, and have used iPhones since they came out. I’m always tweaking something electronic. I have outside-the-box ideas. Sometimes they are very successful, sometimes not.

How I learned Affiliate Marketing

After building lots of websites for my friend and clients, I started building some affiliate marketing websites for myself. I had moved to the Bay Area by this time and started driving for Uber. The short story is that I signed up to drive someone else’s car and we split the income 50:50. But after I got a bonus from Uber, the car owner wanted to sign up new drivers for extra bonuses.

That’s when I realized that I didn’t need a car to sign up new drivers – I needed a website. I made a website that answered the pre-sales questions people were asking Google. At one time I ranked first, third, fourth and eighth in Google for some questions. I was getting $1000 per week, just from one website and just from Uber bonuses!